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Invite friends and acquaintances by your referral link and you will receive a bonus from the first deposit of your referred downliner.

By helping other people get the opportunity to increase passive income in Finance Wolf Investment, you will not only increase the benefits of increasing the income of the company's clients, but also get an additional source of capital growth.

1-level referral system Finance Wolf Investment

Demonstrate your leadership skills and build a powerful investor's team! The best part is that you can become a company's partner without even having your own deposit on our platform. That is why you can make money with Finance Wolf Investment with zero investments from your side and no income limit.

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Referral Program FAQ

  • How does the referral program work?

    You earn 10% direct referral commission on your every invested referral you make with your link

  • When is the referral commission calculated?

    The referral commission is charged daily at the moment your referral receives a profit.

  • How many referrals can I have?

    You can have an unlimited number of referrals.

Our Company Address:

Boulevard Roi Albert II 27, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium.