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About us

Finance Wolf Investment is primarily the professionalism and well-coordinated work of our team towards a overall goal - a stable increase of the capital of our investors.

Activity of Finance Wolf Investment

There has been always a demand for quality investment services. In an attempt to satisfy this demand, the idea of creating an Finance Wolf Investment company came up. Robert Baker has set a goal to bring together the best specialists in their field under the wing of one company. So a few months later, in September 2019, a team of 5 managers was assembled, each of whom had extensive experience in their area of investment.

Collaborative work for two years has shown results that have exceeded all expectations.By diversifying our capital into 5 areas, we have been able to reach the average monthly rate over 20%. At the moment we invest in such instruments as: IPO - the first public sale of shares of a joint stock company. ICO is the initial placement of new cryptocurrency units. Startup - young and promising companies that have recently started their activities. Offline business - buying a pool or share in a large business. PoS Mining is an online mining option without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

In February 2021, it was decided to create the Finance Wolf Investment website in order to receive funds from private investors who want to increase their capital. Some time after obtaining the license, our company started to show results for the first investors. The company has also recently established an insurance fund which will be used in cases of force majeure. Our mission is to help the maximum number of people who wants start investing, but who has no practical experience in this area. The Finance Wolf Investment Limited team would like to thank all new members for their trust and support. Together we can achieve any financial goals.

in their field

Our team consists of specialists with longstanding experience.

Maximized profit
with low risks

Careful selection of investment instruments and diversification gives excellent results.

License to operate business

Our company has all the necessary documents to legally engage in investment activities.

Funds' statistics

Here you can find online investment portfolio statistics, fund turnover and the number of our investors.

Competent distribution of assets allows to minimize the risks of losing funds and increase the average profit. Each manager, before making a decision to enter or exit an investment instrument, conducts a thorough analysis of stocks, cryptocurrencies or business systems, weighs potential risks, profits, and only then makes a decision. It is very important for the company to provide capital protection for each investor and therefore we decided to create the insurance fund that will be used in case of a force majeure situation. The insurance fund is replenished from the company's funds and will constantly grow in the future.

  • Turnover of the company

    $ 58,090,338.90

  • Total investors




Our team

Company management and main fund's managers.

Guillaume Brown

Offline business investment specialist

Alexandre Loïc

ICO projects selection specialist

Arnaud Hugo

POS Mining division manager

Quentin Niels


Mathias Wout

Public Relations Manager

A wide range of payment systems

For the investors' convenience, Finance Wolf Investment offers a wide range of payment systems for depositing funds and receiving payments.

Our Company Address:

Boulevard Roi Albert II 27, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium.